Rare Instruments And Lawsuits Make It Into The Press Yet Again

I am up to my eyeballs in deadline work so just a very quick post today to point out an intriguing set of events unfolding in Texas centered around a violin,provenance, and authentication. A 1/22/2013 article by Robert Wilonsky at the Dallas News Arts Blog reports that a Dallas Symphony violinist  has found himself facing a lawsuit for doing nothing more than buying an instrument under mutually agreed terms. In short, the …

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Death And Transfiguration

Two items of note to point out today; first up is an article by Matthew Klein in 1/12/2013 edition of The Economist which provides an overview of some of the fiscal hot spots in the field right now. Next up is an article by Zachary Lewis published in the 1/19/2013 edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer which examines the Cleveland Orchestra’s recent growth in ticket sales for children and students. Lewis’ …

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Fixing Industrial Strength Unhappiness

Adaptistration Guy 041

There’s a terrific, if not sobering, report in the 1/13/2013 edition of The Chronicle of Philanthropy by Jennifer C. Berkshire (h/t Thomas Cott) which reports that more than half of VP level Development professionals would like to quit. One in four nonprofit leaders is so disappointed in fundraising at his or her organization that the last person in the job was fired, according to a new national study to be released …

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Darker Days Ahead In St. Paul

Things are looking bleak at the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) where mediated talks conducted under a press blackout have broken down. The SPCO musicians released a statement on 1/17/2013 castigating their employer for what they defined as an “unwillingness to compromise on key issues” and cancelling additional concerts through 3/23/2013. Unfortunately, neither side provided details surrounding the key issues of compensation and artistic control that caused the breakdown, however, an …

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The Most Adorable Bunch Of Tiny White Guys. Ever.

On 1/15/2013, ABC7 News in Chicago broadcast a segment by Frank Mathie about a new exhibit of the 100 year old miniature Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO), created by famous miniaturist Frances Glessner Lee as her first large scale project. Lee’s parents were plankowner angel donors to the CSO in its early years and the 75 member mini-CSO was a gift for Lee’s mother in 1913. Of particular interest is the amount …

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