Rise Of The Millennials

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Although I typically let a reader segmentation survey go a good fortnight before compiling data, the first day’s results were fascinating enough that it seemed worthwhile to share some of it today, one trend in particular worth noting is Millennial readers are on the rise and in a big way. Of the nearly 100 readers that have completed the survey, more than half are Millennials and of those, two-thirds self-identify as …

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Who Are You? 2015

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It’s been more than a year since the last Adaptistration reader survey; as such, it is high time to update and revise what we know about who you are and what you find most engaging. These surveys are enormously helpful in guiding Adaptistration’s content and overall direction and I’m sure this survey will be no different. In order to facilitate participation the survey is designed to be quick and easy, it won’t ask …

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When The Going Gets Tough

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Have you had the time to download and read the National Endowment for the Arts’ (NEA) recent report When Going Gets Tough: Barriers and Motivations Affecting Arts Attendance (A.K.A NEA Research Report #59)? It’s on my to-read list but I’ve been hearing from colleagues that it has some intriguing material related to socioeconomic status. I’m looking forward to reading it given that genuine socioeconomic status considerations tend to get muddied with …

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Always Nice To Be Recognized

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Many thanks to Barry Hessenius for including Adaptistration in his recent post My 15 Favorite Nonprofit Arts Blogs. Also on the list is Joe Patti’s Butts In The Seats and having two listings from the same blogging exchange at Inside The Arts in Hessenius’s list was a wonderful treat. It is always gratifying to learn readers find value in the content and to that end, Adaptistration has always focused on providing …

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Talking About 2014 Highs And Lows On ‘A Tempo’ With Rachel Katz On WWFM

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I had the pleasure of discussing the highs and lows of 2014 for WWFM ‘s 1/4/2015 edition of A Tempo with Rachel Katz. We discussed labor disputes at Minnesota Orchestra, The Metropolitan Opera, and Atlanta Symphony and of particular interest is Rachel’s question about similarities and differences (of which there are no shortages). The program is now available to stream via the WWFM and in addition to the 2014 overview, we …

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