For MN Substitute Pay Disparity, No News Isn’t Good News

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Following up on the One Year Later, Minnesota Orchestra Pay Disparity Continues To Elicit Strong Opinions article from 1/5/2015, I contacted both representatives from the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra (MOMA) along with Local 30-73, American Federation of Musicians (AFM), the regional office that represents the MN Orchestra musicians, to inquire whether or not there have been any efforts from either group to help alleviate or marginalize the impact of the disparity, …

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Are You A Jennifer Higdon Fan?

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A bit of shameless vested interest promotion today in the form of advocating an upcoming performance of Jennifer Higdon’s 2010 Pulitzer-prize winning Violin Concerto on March 12, 2015 with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera (CSO) featuring their concertmaster, Holly Mulcahy. The vested interest part comes into play because Ms. Mulcahy, in addition to being an extraordinary musician and author of Neo Classical, is also my wife, something regular readers are already …

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Get To Know Zapier: Your Ultimate Connectivity Swiss Army Knife

If you or your organization have ever attempted to connect or sync data between mutually exclusive apps and software, you likely know the heartache that is dealing with APIs, or application program interfaces, the language that allows one piece of software to communicate with another. Fortunately, there is a growing movement within the tech industry that has given birth to the app automation service provider. I published an article today at …

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Time To Play Dress Up

Among the enduring topics within the field sure to garner more than a few opinions, one with the longest legs is dress codes. Holly Mulcahy tackled the topic as it relates to audience dress codes in an article at Neo Classical from 12/29/2014 that generated some intriguing feedback. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s an undeniable degree of trepidation among newbie patrons over what to wear, consequently, they don’t seem to mind basic guidelines. …

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One Year Later, Minnesota Orchestra Pay Disparity Continues To Elicit Strong Opinions

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The Best And Worst Of 2014 article from 12/31/2014 generated a great deal of reader response on the item related to the Minnesota Orchestra Pay Disparity and given that it is nearly one year since this issue transpired, it is high time to revisit the issue and see what may have transpired. For those unaware or those who may be fuzzy on the details, here are the highlights: The agreement which …

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