Frank Almond Is Back In Action

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After an extended break thanks to the ongoing legal proceedings related to the Lipiński Stradivarius theft, Milwaukee Symphony concertmaster Frank Almond is back to blogging at his Inside The Arts blog, non divisi. His welcome back post announces a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a second volume in a series of recordings featuring the Lipiński Strad and after only a few days, he’s a quarter of the way toward …

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Philharmonic Locked Out, Union Prez: “WTF?!”

No, there’s no actual lockout, today’s headline click-bait references one of the many gags in the closing story arc from Who’s Minding The Score?, which now has the final two years available in the new binge friendly format. There’s a good union related mini-arc that includes the WTF toon along with several others that result in someone receiving medical treatment for a busted-up arm. If that weren’t enough, you’ll also find …

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Another Major Newspaper Critic Position Enters Limbo

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Continuing the decade-long trend of traditional newspapers eliminating cultural reporters, the Dallas Morning News may eliminate the full time music critic position following the departure of the current professional occupying that spot, Scott Cantrell. Cantrell recently accepted a buyout from the paper and published an article on 7/28/2015 by Jerome Weeks that details the transition along with examining where the field of cultural criticism is headed. Cantrell’s articles have been …

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New Feature: Comment Rating

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The title says it all today, there’s a new reader feature in the form of comment ratings; meaning, you’ll be able to up/down vote individual comments. It’s super simple to use, at the bottom of each respective comment, you’ll find a thumbs up and thumbs down icons along with a total count for each. Now don’t get any ideas about vote-spamming any particular comment you love or hate, the system has …

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Activate Search Tracking: Another Change To Google Analytics Anyone Can Do (and everyone should)

Knowing what visitors are searching for at your site is one of the most useful metrics you have to tweak content, adjust navigation architecture, and improve conversion but by default, Google Analytics (GA) does not track visitor searches. So even though you may notice the default menu item for Site Search via your Reporting admin panel, don’t be surprised if you pop in and see a metrics big goose egg staring …

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