When You Absolutely, Positively, Shouldn’t Choose Just One

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There’s the right voting method, the wrong voting method, and the Electoral College. I kid, I’m a kidder. Seriously though, there’s more to voting methods than simple majority and when it comes to nonprofits, it pays to know your options. One of the most versatile options is Ranked Choice Voting, which allows voters to rank candidates/options by order of choice so that even if a first choice doesn’t win, their vote …

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Nashville Symphony Increases Revenue By $1 Million

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The 12/15/2016 edition of the Nashville Scene published an article by John Pitcher. The article reports that per the Nashville Symphony Orchestra’s (NSO) most recent audit, the organization posted a modest surplus. That, in and of itself, wouldn’t be breaking news but when taken into context with the previous year’s $732,000 deficit, the organization managed to increase revenue by just over $1mm. If you recall, during the 2012/13 season, the organization …

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Where Do You Think Things Are Headed For The Arts During A Trump Presidency?

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The 11/23/2016 edition of the Washington Post published a fascinating article by Geoff Edgers that examined the potential impact a Trump administration would have on the arts. In a nutshell, the reaction among most of Edgers’ high profile arts org CEO interviews could be best described as “brace for impact.” But given that today is when the Electoral College meet, I’m curious to gauge your level of expectations on where things …

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