San Francisco Symphony Takes A Stand On Equal Rights

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Typically, nonprofit performing arts organizations avoid politically charged topics at all costs but in what is perhaps a sign that times are indeed changing, the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) recently announced it is cancelling a two-day set of concerts at Chapel Hill, N.C. “in response to that state’s House Bill 2 (HB2), a law which overturned protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals earlier this year.” The San Francisco Chronicle …

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There’s A Reason Why Your Social Share Content Isn’t Always Accurate

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Have you ever put together a new webpage or post and when you went to share on Facebook or Twitter, the wrong images or copy was showing up? That’s not all that uncommon and quite often, all you need to do is tell both social media platforms to take a fresh look at your copy. Long story short, Facebook and Twitter don’t crawl content nearly as often as someone like Google …

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Subsidized B2B Fees Or Non-Subsidized B2B Fees, That Is The Question

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Recently, I spoke with David Hendricks from the San Antonio Express-News about some current issues at the San Antonio Symphony (SAS) and one fascinating topic that came up touched on something we’ve never discussed here. Specifically, should an orchestra be willing to accept a fee for fee based services that is lower than their out-of-pocket costs. In the SAS’ case, Hendrick’s article reports the musicians assert that the orchestra is losing …

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Arts Hacker Turns Two!

The only thing more fulfilling than successfully filling a demand is doing it alongside a group of enormously talented colleagues and friends. To that end, December 7th marked  ArtsHacker’s second anniversary and the site continues to be a hit with arts managers and arts entrepreneurs. In order to help celebrate, we updated our took our Year In Review page that chronicles ArtsHacker’s highlights, provides all sorts of stats, and takes a look back …

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