Tick-Tock, The Orchestra 990 Sale Ends Soon

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The new downloadable Orchestra 990s are filling out, you can now find the four most recent seasons (2011-2012 through 2013-2014). A big thank you to everyone who has already purchased copies and if it’s on your to-do list, don’t forget that the final day of the launch celebration mega-sale is soon. After that, everything goes back to regular price. Having said that, you can look forward to quantity discounts: purchase 2-5: …

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Is Your Group Taking Advantage Of Board Personal Statements?

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It never ceases to amaze me how few orchestras, or nonprofit performing arts organizations in general, require board members to write a personal statement about why they serve on the board. Nonetheless, they can go a long way toward increasing ownership and help articulate their connection to the institution. Whenever I do any extended board development work, it’s one of our first activities; in many cases, even before I arrive onsite. …

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Apparently, Apple Wants To Bring Back QR Codes

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Ceci Dadisman published an interesting item of note over at ArtsHacker about Apple’s decision to integrate an always-on scanner into iOS devices. This means no more having to download and start up a third-party app to read a code. Back in the day, QWR codes were looking like the next big thing in marketing; in fact, it was a topic we covered here on several occasions. But QR codes only found …

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BREAKING: Arts Management Is Hard. In Other News, Water Still Wet.

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Have you heard about the Newport Contemporary Music Series, or more precisely, the whopping disaster that was the Newport Contemporary Music Series? It was such a fiasco, it would be funny if it weren’t for the sobering reality that dozens of musicians and related service providers suffered six figures worth income due to nothing more than one person’s ineptitude. If nothing else, the entire ordeal serves as a reminder that arts …

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The Updates Just Keep On Coming

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Adaptistration isn’t the only blog enjoying a sizeable infrastructure update; over the weekend, I rolled out a similar platform update for ArtsHacker.com plus you’ll find the first two offerings in the new downloadable 990 series at the Adaptistration Store. I published an article at ArtsHacker that provides a detailed overview of the improvements and enhancements. One item I’m anxious to keep an eye on is the the new related posts function. …

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