What’s All This About A Housing Allowance?

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In response to Wednesday’s article about the new housing shared equity program in the San Francisco Symphony’s (SFS) new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), a number of readers reached out asking about the similar program at the LA Philharmonic I referenced. It’s a straightforward item in the LA Phil’s CBA, Article 13.K: Housing Allowance: On regularly scheduled paydays that follow the close of each payroll period during the Term of this Agreement …

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You Don’t Have To Be A Code Jockey To Begin Making Your Site Accessible

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Before the Thanksgiving holiday, I published an article at ArtsHacker about how website content managers can begin improving web accessibility by way of user-friendly tools to check color contrast. The response from colleagues and readers was terrific and per those suggestions, I decided to expand this into an ongoing series focusing on all the content management related tasks you can do to improve web accessibility. The good news is there are …

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San Francisco Symphony Settles

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According to an article by Janos Gereben in the 11/27/2018 edition of the San Francisco Classical Voice, the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) and its musicians ratified a new collective bargaining agreement that takes it through the 2011/22 season. The ink is wet enough that details are pretty thin but one item mentioned in the article worth noting is a new component to offset the cost of housing in San Francisco (emphasis …

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Will Today Be A Flood Or Trickle Of #GivingTuesday Asks?

Giving Tuesday

Remember last year’s #GivingTuesday when the big Gates Foundation matching fund grant through Facebook inadvertently produced a veritable tsunami of donation requests? By the end of the day, most arts administrators I know were burned out, so you can only imagine how patrons must have felt. It will be interesting to see what unfolds today and to that end, I’m very curious to learn if 2017’s notification overload impacted how you …

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Understanding Fee Based Performance Revenue Agreements

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When it comes to how orchestras structure earned income by way of fee-based performance activity, not all agreements are created equal. Interestingly enough, this is one of the few areas within arts administration that share far more with the artist side of the labor equation than not because in the end, the shared goal is making sure performance-based revenue meets or exceeds minimum revenue goals. For example, it doesn’t matter if …

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