More Metrics Thursday: Following-Up On Tuesday’s Audience Anxiety Post

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I was pleased to get a good amount of direct feedback in response to Tuesday’s post about audience anxiety over what to wear to concerts. The most requested item was additional metrics, so here’s a bit of additional data I can share. Location One of most common requests was a variation of the theme “were they from my city?” Chicago Los Angeles Houston Dallas Atlanta San Francisco Washington Toronto London Seattle …

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Off To Knoxville For #SETC2019

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I’m in Knoxville, TN today and tomorrow for the 2019 Southeastern Theatre Conference (#SETC2019) convention where I’ll be leading a pre-con session about creating a data-driven culture. When: 27, 2019 | 1:30–5:30 p.m. Where:70th Annual SETC Convention | Knoxville, TN Alongside me leading the session is Ceci Dadisman, we’ve been hard at work putting together this half-day session and it’s a genuine treat to have this much time. Usually, conference sessions are limited …

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Using Metrics To Identify Audience Anxiety

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There’s nothing quite like having access to unique data and to that end, as the webmaster for all the blogs hosted at Inside The Arts hosted, I can dive into multiple years’ worth of metrics data. Not long ago, I was enjoying some data mining and uncovered a fascinating nugget that identified a key anxiety point among orchestra ticket buyers. The data came from Holly Mulcahy’s Neo Classical analytics account where …

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Happy 15th Anniversary Butts In The Seats!

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Congratulations to Joe Patti’s Butts In The Seats; Musings on Practical Solutions For Arts Management which is celebrating its 15th anniversary! Technically, the official anniversary date was Saturday, 2/23 but I would be remiss not to mention it now as it continues to be one of the most meaningful culture blogs available. If that wasn’t enough, Joe is also a regular contributor at where his posts are among the site’s most frequently visited and …

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I’m Not Sure This Qualifies As “If It’s Not Broke…”

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Just a small amount of fun to round out your week in the form of this brilliantly sarcastic tweet from @ArtsAdminSay: Let’s get a group of white men together to teach us about diversity and inclusion in the arts. — Shit Arts Administrators Say (@artsadminssay) February 19, 2019 I can’t love this account enough. It’s like Vu Le’s NonProfitAF but fewer words…and no ad overload. Although I shouldn’t be too snarky, …

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