You Can Never Have Too Much Google Juice


If you aren’t already familiar with Google Signals, it provides the framework for cross device tracking site visitors across multiple browsers, mobile apps, mobile devices, and more. In short, the new reporting features in Signals will let you take full advantage of enhanced advertising and reporting features. Signals is still less than a year old and Google didn’t roll it out with too much fanfare as a result, you may have …

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It’s Tuba Wednesday

There’s a fabulous article written by Alison Bowen in the 2/12/2019 edition of the Chicago Tribune that highlights two young tuba players in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra (CYSO). Bowen chronicles the realities for tubists Bobby Black and Chrisjovan Masso as they grow past their respective school programs and into something like the CYSO. It’s a great feel good read and only takes a few minutes. But that’s just the first of …

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Are You Straight On How The New Tax Laws Impact Valuating And Acknowledging Donations?

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I won’t even pretend to have a comprehensive understanding of how the new tax laws impact a nonprofit’s requirements for valuating and acknowledging donations. Fortunately, Joe Patti recently published an article at ArtsHacker that covers several points of contact that should serve as good places your organization should to begin having these discussions with your accountants and attorneys: Acknowledging Donations Deducting Benefits Be Careful With Donor Advised Funds Acknowledging Other Things …

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Why The Classical Music Field Owes Seth MacFarlane, And Sci-Fi, Thanks

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Several years ago, I was part of Opera America’s Building Opera Audiences Grants panel and one of the recipients designed a program to “insert opera into popular media culture through an entertainment-based content marketing campaign, also known as product placement.” In short, they wanted to get opera into more television and film scenes (more details). While I haven’t seen any formal results from those efforts, I did notice a recent episode (s02 …

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Who Do You Think Does Mobile Ticketing Best?

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It should come as no surprise to anyone that online ticket sales continue to comprise larger ratios of overall ticket sales and while desktop/laptop buying experience has improved in recent years, the mobile the ticket buying experience is still hit and miss. Having said that, there isn’t much hard data on online mobile ticketing buying experience that focuses on more than one or two systems. As such, let’s crowdsource this and …

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