The Latest #MeToo Allegations Result In Music Director Resignation At Bozeman Symphony

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Multiple news outlets have reported Bozeman Symphony Music Director, Matthew Savery, has resigned amid allegations of “bullying, harassment, mistreatment, discrimination and inappropriate behavior.” According to an article by Rachel Leathe in the 2/1/2019 edition of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, allegations were presented to the orchestra’s board in a letter dated 1/23/2019. The letter contained 14 signatories that included former and current musicians, staff members, and donors. A copy of the letter …

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Post 4000

Today marks Adaptistration’s 4,000th post and by way of a conservative estimate, that’s approximately 3,330,000 words dedicated (mostly) to the business of orchestras over the course of 15 years. 1,000 articles ago, I published something to help mark the 3,000th post occasion and listed the following five goals I hope to accomplish by the time I decide to retire from blogging: I would be grateful if Adaptistration helps prevent good managers …

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Elizabeth Rowe Lawsuit Settles And We’re No Closer To Change Than When Everything Started

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Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) Principal Flute, Elizabeth Rowe, has settled her case alleging sex-based pay discrimination. Both parties entered mediation in December 2018 and at the time, the concern was any settlement may have a nondisclosure agreement attached. It turns out, that concern was justified. News of a settlement was released last week and a joint statement indicates both parties are satisfied with the outcome and all details will remain confidential. …

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Institute For Composer Diversity Begins Rolling Out 2019-2020 Season Report

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The Institute For Composer Diversity (ICD), which evolved from the Women Composers Database project, released their initial 2019-2020 season report. The report tracks the overall number and percentage of masterworks series works from women composers and composers of color. The online report provides concise datasets that illustrate each orchestra’s percentage and number of works in total season along with their League of American Orchestras group number. Since we’re neck-deep in 2019-2020 …

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra Musicians Will Go On Strike If New Deal Isn’t Reached By March 10, 2019

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In 2012, the musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) decided to announce a strike exactly one hour before one of the initial concerts from that season. The result was patrons arriving at the hall to discover the concert was cancelled.  While some offered their support, others were extremely upset at the short notice. Ultimately, that strike settled in a matter of days, but the amount of patron animosity reached higher …

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