#TBT, Since We’re Ranting About Images…

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In light of Tuesday’s rant about artist images, it seems fitting to bookend it with a callback to another content management rant from 2017 about delivering bio and related promotional copy in PDF format. PDF files are the bane of a content manager’s work day. In a nutshell, they are impossible to use for copy/pasting the content into web or social media formats without taking as much time cleaning up a …

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Time To Turn Your Motivation Up To 11 With ArtsU’s Google Analytics Webinar

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Mark your calendar for February 12, 2019 at 3PM ET for the first installment of Americans (@Americans4Arts) for the Arts’ Taking On Google Analytics webinar. As part of @Americans4Arts’ ArtsU program, I’ll be in special guest mode alongside Ceci Dadisman, the always-dynamic authority on all things GA reporting. Session Description Before looking at any data, it is important to have your Google Analytics account set up properly.  Ceci Dadisman, Digital Marketing …

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Dear Artists and Artist Managers, Help Us Help You. Here’s What You Need To Provide For Promo Pics And Bios

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It isn’t unfair to say most orchestra marketers have anywhere from 5-20 minutes per event for compiling all the related artist information. That includes promo images, bios, and any program specific copy. Unfortunately, too many artists and/or their managers make those tasks so difficult that there’s simply no way to end up with a good result. So as a service, here are some tips for what you can do to help …

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Are Atonal Musicians Even Allowed To Have A Sense Of Humor?

A country singer walks into a recording studio and reminisces in song about his late father who was a composer of atonal music. No, it’s not the setup line to the latest joke at the expense of atonal composers, it’s a real thing. While there’s no shortage of tongue-in-cheek fun, this is a real song, Copyright 2019 Merle Songs (ASCAP), written by Merle Hazard. Right out of the gate, the lyrics are …

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