Don’t Sell Yourself Short By Way Of Universal Statements

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I’m at the National Arts Marketing, Development & Ticketing Conference today running a session on Google Analytics and hosting some roundtable sessions but I wanted to quickly point out a short-but-sweet post about the dangers of writing off entire communication channels just because they are rooted in traditional approaches. Ceci Dadisman published an article at her Medium blog in the form of a reassuring rant about why you don’t want to …

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The Best Part Of Shooting Yourself In The Foot Is It’s Tough To Miss

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While I wish we had brighter Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) news, that’s not in the cards. In fact, things seem to be moving toward a self-fulfilling prophecy stage. Last week, the BSO announced it was cancelling their season opening gala that would have featured Renee Fleming. While it’s definitely a good thing to offer patrons plenty of advance notice for cancellations, eight weeks is jumping the gun. Especially for one of …

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The Latest #MeToo Accusation Turns Into A Lesson On How Not To #PR

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The 7/25/2019 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an investigative article by Tricia L. Nadolny and Peter Dobrin that reports on alleged sexual assault at the Curtis Institute against a minor by a renowned violin teacher. To make matters worse, the victim alleges the school’s leadership actively buried her allegations then belittled the accuser. The Inquirer sums it up in one of the most concise and descriptive headlines I’ve seen on …

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The Latest Step Toward Federally Regulated Website Accessibility Standards

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We’ve been tracking the issue of website accessibility through a series of articles over the past few years and for those following the topic, you’ve likely noticed the drift from being self-regulated best practice toward government mandated requirements. The latest development comes via Domino’s Pizza, which is asking the Supreme Court to issue a clear ruling on whether businesses must provide accessible websites. In a nutshell, businesses are becoming weary of …

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#20NTC – Time To Get Your Proposal On

You can now submit a session proposal for the 2020 Nonprofit Technology Conference which takes place March 24 – 26, 2020 in Baltimore, MD hon! Whether you’re a longtime presenter or are new to the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) community and have never presented at NTC before, I want to encourage you to submit a session proposal. 19NTC was a big hit thanks in no small part to the new tactical …

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