Tired Of Clunky Looking Donor Lists?


One of the most common frustration points I encounter with Venture users is how to deal with exceptionally long donor lists so they look good on their website. For groups with enough of a budget, we can handle all of that for them, but for everyone else, the pain points emerge when finding a solution that looks good but doesn’t require more time than it takes to organize them in a …

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“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.”

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Well here’s a lovely ray of sunshine for music and culture after that dig from the latest Spider Man movie: the latest season of Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot kicks off the season with a visit to Quincy, IL where the quintet focuses their collective efforts on the high school’s music director (h/t Ceci Dadisman). A few key elements make this a particularly endearing episode and good for classical music all around: …

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Singer/Educator David Daniels and University Of Michigan Face Increased Scrutiny

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In August 2018, allegations about countertenor David Daniels drugging and raping a fellow singer in 2010 broke in an article from the New York Times. Since then, Daniels took a leave of absence from his tenured position at the University of Michigan and last week, additional news broke of new allegations against Daniels during his work at UM. According to an article by Gus Burns in the 7/17/19 edition of MLLive.com, …

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Is There A Way To “Win” Baltimore’s Labor Dispute?

Out of the gate, it’s fair to mention that in a labor dispute as contentious as the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO), there are no “winners,” only shades of loss. Events this week have demonstrated the executive leadership appear to be dug in for the long haul and the musicians have responded in kind. If nothing else, the post economic downturn era has provided some clear patterns on how things may develop. …

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#TBT: Will Baltimore Become The Next Installment In A Legacy Of Mistrust?

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Yesterday, 7/17/19, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) musicians issued a diminutive press statement to announce the latest negotiation developments. It was diminutive in size because there wasn’t much to say. BSO Management Again Refuses to Budge No progress was made at today’s negotiation. BSO Management has not changed its position. The musicians’ proposal remains that management should end the lockout and restore the status quo contract while the working group created …

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