I’ll Try, But I Don’t Think My Phone Will Fit In There

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At the beginning of the month I wrote about the Anne-Sophie Mutter mobile phone kerfuffle and staked out a decidedly matter-of-fact perspective. Fortunately, there are others out there looking to approach the topic from more of a productive outlook. Case in point, violinist Holly Mulcahy gathered 10 such minds to provide positive thoughts, productive and creative ideas, and some hard truth realizations that go way beyond mere kvetching: Stephen Marc Beaudoin; Executive …

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Arts Admin Merit Badges Are Here!

Turns out designing and ordering the badges took a lot less time than I anticipated and that means you can now order your favs or entire sets. I’m keeping half of the first order for my own stash to use as conference SWAG which means there’s limited inventory for Round 1 and everything is available on a first come, first serve. Expected shipping for Round 1 is Monday, Nov 11 and …

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The Culture Of Fostering Diversity And New Works

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In most instances, it’s fascinating to compare trends and/or metrics from one nonprofit performing arts sector to another. To that end, there’s a great article by Marshall Botvinick at HowlRound.com (h/t Thomas Cott) that uses data from a recent study to show the majority of new plays at larger US regional theaters are written by women and/or non-white playwrights. Granted, they aren’t overwhelming majorities, but majorities, nonetheless: Playwrights by gender (part …

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Arts Admin Merit Badges Will Be A Thing

What a pleasant surprise to see such a positive response to last week’s Arts Admin Merit Badge article I published at ArtsHacker. By far, the most common question was if the merit badges were actually available. Desire was intense. Here’s one of my favs: I’M SERIOUS I WANT THEM. AND I WANT TO WEAR THEM LIKE FLAIR. How can you say no to someone using an Office Space reference and all …

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