The Curious Case Of Baltimore’s Undisclosed Details

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When the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) announced a new one-year agreement that brought the multi-month work stoppage to a close, it was cause for celebration and relief. Information about the stopgap agreement’s terms were vague, but that’s not exactly unusual under these conditions. As such, I reached out to both stakeholders with a request for additional information. A Peek Behind The Curtain At the end of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) …

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Even More Of A Good (And Free) Thing


Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of running a workshop on Must-Have Google Analytics Settings for the League of Chicago Theatres. The 90 minute session included an updated and expanded version of the Click. Click. Done. session that’s been a hit at several nonprofit arts admin conferences over the past several years. I want to extend my thanks to the League’s Director of Member Services, Ben Thiem, for organizing everything and to all …

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What’s The Best Way To Communicate With Donors?

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It’s no secret that you’ll get better conversion rates by customizing your appeal message to the recipient. An existing donor who gives $50 per year almost certainly needs a different message than someone who gives $5,000 per year. But should you craft those messages based solely on giving levels? That’s the intriguing question presented in a recent Medium post by Ceci Dadisman on this topic. In fundraising, when we communicate to …

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Why Stand Partners for Life Should Be In Your Podcast Bookmarks

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In 2016, guest author and classical music blogging heavyweight, Jason Heath, was kind enough to compile a list of his go-to classical music podcasts. Since then, several additional podcasts have hit the market, one of which is Stand Partners for Life. Hosted by Nathan Cole, LA Philharmonic First Associate Concertmaster, and Akiko Tarumoto, LA Philharmonic Assistant Concertmaster, the couple (who are married) explore a wild range of professional topics and how …

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Upcoming Articles And A Star Trek Music Nugget

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All things being equal, we should have some good articles coming up soon. This includes the deeper look into the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s recent stop-gap agreement as well as the follow-up article about the LA Opera’s program to put opera into popular media culture. The folks from LA Opera have been great about getting info on that program but there’s been a bit of a lull in communication due to…shall we …

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