A Brand New Arts Admin Conference Resource

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Back in August, I posted something pointing out the arts admin conference resource Ceci Dadisman was building and earlier this week, she announced it is ready from prime time. As of now, there are 43 entries and she ended up expanding the criteria to include conferences outside the US and those that specialize in specific regions inside the US. In addition to the usual suspects, I was pleased to see a …

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Okay, Okay; I’ll Write About The Anne-Sophie Mutter Thing

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In the wake of all the messages from colleagues and readers asking when I’m writing about Anne-Sophie Mutter’s mexican standoff with a patron during a recent performance of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto with the Cincinnati Symphony, it looks like there’s no avoiding the topic. Spoiler alert: I’m not thrilled with the way she handled the situation. That doesn’t mean I don’t empathize with her frustration, but this isn’t the last time an …

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What Orchestra Musicians Might Learn From The Current UAW Strike

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How important is equal pay for equal work in today’s unionized orchestra environment? We examine this issue on a regular basis as it relates to substitute musicians, but the recent Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) work stoppage highlights a growing inequality at living wage orchestras between veteran and new-hire musicians by forcing the latter into a retirement program that provides markedly lower benefits. The impact on solidarity is self-apparent. In turn, degraded …

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2016/17 Season Is Now Available At The Orchestra 990 Download Library

Today’s a good day because all the 2016-2017 season files have been processed and added to the  downloadable Orchestra 990s at the Adaptistration Store. This brings the total number of seasons up to 18. A big thank you to everyone who has already purchased copies and keep in mind, the more you buy, the less it costs thanks to automatic quantity discounts (no need to muck about with coupons or discount codes): purchase …

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When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Twitter Account Branding?

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If you’re like me and use a client like TweetDeck to manage Twitter activity across one or more accounts, it’s not unusual to go weeks or months without actually visiting your Twitter account page. The problem with that is you can inadvertently overlook outdated branding in the header graphic; out of sight, out of mind. I fell right into that beartrap recently in the wake of the branding updates at my …

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