Are You Using Print Program Books This Fall?

An interesting topic has crossed my email inbox a few times in as many weeks: what do we do about print program books this fall if we return to live events? Good question. While this is probably part of the larger “what will patrons need to feel comfortable in the hall” topic, it does bring up some unique possibilities. The most straightforward option is replacing the entire thing with an online …

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Resources To Help Think Through Your Own Circumstances

My ArtsHacker colleague, Joe Patti, has been on point this last month with a series of resource articles covering a wide range of legal considerations for nonprofit performing arts organizations navigating Covid-19 topics. His most recent post, Meeting Your Legal Duty Of Care In Post-Covid Reopening, stuck me in that it included an excerpt from the Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide that stresses a point I’ve been espousing for years: it’s all …

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The Murder Hornets Of Copyright Infringement Bots

Apparently, things were way too easy for everyone figuring out the world of live classical music online content delivery. #sarcasm So, to help keep things spicy, copyright infringement algorithms (bots) decided to use the authority on behalf of their owners to shut down your live stream and/or archived content. The 5/21/2020 edition of the Washington Post published an eye-opening article written by Michael Andor Brodeur on this topic and here’s the …

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Happy Memorial Day

Whether you’re home all day staying safe and healthy enjoying the holiday with family and friends or your orchestra is putting on a performance today, try to take a few moments to remember the reason for the holiday. To that end, I wanted to include a little something special today in the form of this arrangement of TAPS for solo trombone and trombone ensemble, by Jim Stephenson. I recall hearing it …

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State Of Employment Poll & Review May 25 – 31

With nearly two months of data, trends continue to emerge as shutdowns continue. One of the biggest shifts over the past week are the numbers of managers indicating they have been furloughed, laid off, or are working reduced hours/pay. Weekly Report The overall number of responses increased for the second straight week with administrators continuing their trend toward a larger ratio working reduced hours/pay and those who are laid off or …

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