LV Philharmonic Lawsuit Alleges Financial Misconduct

The 2/21/22 edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal published a pair of articles by Katelyn Newberg and John Katsilometes, respectively, that reports on a lawsuit filed by former Las Vegas Philharmonic (LV Phil) executive director, Anne Berquist, against her former employer. According to the articles, Berquist alleges insurance fraud and discriminatory practices. Excerpts of the complaint are published in the 2/18/22 edition of During the pandemic, the LV Phil followed …

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The Time To Review Cybersecurity and Disruption Plans Is Now

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to make sure you’re as prepared as you can for disruptions to digital platforms because of cyberattacks resulting from events unfolding in Ukraine. To a large degree, there’s only so much you can do and while the risk to arts and culture organizations being targeted deliberately is low, the systems and platforms they rely on are much higher priority targets. At the most …

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Happy 18th Anniversary Butts In The Seats!

I am so happy to see Joe Patti back in action at Butts In The Seats after his two-month hiatus and his return coincides with his 18th anniversary. Even with the hiatus, Joe continues to be one of the most prolific and engaging culture bloggers around.  If his blog is new to you, here are some of my favorites from the past year to get you started: Is This “Yes, And…” …

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At Least There’s No Shortage Of Things To Fix

The folks over at LaPlaca Cohen and Slover Linnet released the latest installment in their Culture Track series and as always, it’s filled with wealth of useful information. The results from this round included surveys and research from the latter half of 2021 and by this point, the group had a much deeper well to draw from and unsurprisingly, patterns (and surprised) started to form. Here are some key takeaways: “More …

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How Do We Prevent The Great Resignation From Becoming An Extinction Event For The Arts?

Workplace culture and job satisfaction have been regular topics here at Adaptistration for nearly two decades and while change moves at a glacial pace, I am seeing more positive change over the past three years than the decade prior. Case in point, Tom O’Connor recently posted something at LinkedIn on that topic that comes across as a combination of processional statement and call to action (emphasis added). So much content about …

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