Detroit, Wisconsin, And The National Union Movement

Amidst last week’s Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) discussion threads, a reader asked about my thoughts on whether or not the DSO dispute is part of the growing union debate that began in Wisconsin. Since the question was posed, I’ve given it some considerable thought and have decided that whether or not any connection ever existed moot. Simply put, they’re connected now whether they want to be or not…

Negotiation News From Wisconsin

According to statements from the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) and the Musicians of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, the organization is planning to present their Holiday Pops Concert scheduled for November 29 and 30, 2008. WCO musicians have been on strike since the beginning of October but both sides agreed to presenting the holiday concerts due to progress made in recent bargaining sessions…

Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra Musicians Strike

According to a statement released by the Madison Area Federation of Musicians, Local #166 AFM, the musicians of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra (WCO) officially went on strike at 7:00PM CT, 10/1/2008 as a result of failing to resolve issues in negotiations relating to job security, attendance, and electronic media. The strike comes two days in advance of the organization’s first 2008/09 season concert…

Scheduling Election Night Sanity

While it should come as no surprise that we won’t know who won the presidential election this evening, that doesn’t mean you have to sit on pins and needles all night. There’s an excellent article at that provides a clear schedule on when you can expect election updates for each state. And while the presidential election may not be decided, there’s a higher degree of likelihood to know who ends …

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