A Reminder About The Value Behind The Live Concert Experience

It never ceases to amaze how much perception can change from one individual to the next and even though it’s no secret that a live concert event is a very subjective experience, we don’t always have a chance to read about it from two very divergent views. Yes, there are music critics but there are few surprises in the traditional concert review format. Instead, I’m talking about the story behind the story, such as all of those off stage elements that intertwine with the music.

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Who Else Wants More Skin Onstage?

A strong contender for “Best Headline. Ever.” Joe Patti published a post on 12/7/2009 entitled You Must Be This Naked To Be Appealing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I jumped right into the article and was pleased to see there was more there than just a great teaser. In particular, Joe wondered if the results from a recent study that found women should bare 40% of their bodies in order attract a mate had any bearing on performing arts (pun intended)…

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Maybe Mendelssohn Just Inspires Violence

For my money, it doesn’t get much better than reading an account of Joe Patti attending an orchestra concert. For those who don’t know Joe, he’s the author of Butts In The Seats and a fellow arts manager who runs a presenting theater in Honolulu, HI. Joe posted a piece on 9/21/2009 that reviews his experience attending a Honolulu Symphony performance featuring Bela Fleck, Zakir Hussain and Edgar Meyer performing Meyer’s Triple Concerto for Banjo, Double Bass, and Tabla…

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Post Game Concert Interviews

The ubiquitous post game interview; you watch them after baseball/football/etc.ball games all the time and nothing quite beats the edutainment value of watching a good sports reporter take a coach or player to task over a less than satisfactory performance. Likewise, watching those same professionals reviewing the merits behind a win is equally enjoyable and certainly preferable to commentator/talking head game reviews. This topic became stuck in my head after reading about the trouble Proper Discord’s author recounted while attending a post-concert Q&A…

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