The Wrong Way To Make A Decision Part 1

Bad decisions.  They have a wide range of consequences from causing a simple one time annoyance to crippling an entire organization.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any single method to follow that will result in guaranteeing the right choice will be made.

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Calling All Interlochen Alumni!

A few weeks ago I  wrote a piece about ticket price and competition where I made reference to the infamous Interlochen challenge system.  Since then, one of Adaptistration’s readers sent in a note to say that Interlochen has planned to eliminate the challenge system for the 2004 summer camp season. 

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Words To Live By

Recently, I wrote about a wonderful book entitled Joe Maddy of Interlochen. During my recent re-reading, I took the time to find a few good excerpts that I’ll share with everyone from time to time. For those of you unfamiliar with Interlochen, it is the largest summer arts education program in the world. Every professional orchestra across the U.S. has at least a few alumni if not dozens among its members.

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