Not A Post About Philadelphia

In order to head off the steady flow of emails and FaceTweet messages coming in asking about Philadelphia, know this: I don’t plan on writing anything about it until after the blackouts are lifted. That being said, today’s post is going to focus on news this week from Honolulu where it looks like the island is once again home to a professional orchestra…

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An All Around Day Of Downer News

A few items of note to point today: the first from Detroit where it seems like both sides in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) dispute are having some trouble working through the necessary issues in order to even consider arbitration. And by trouble, I mean a continuation of the same fundamental separation on the most critical issues related to the season killing work stoppage…

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Hope In Honolulu

You might have missed an op-ed piece in the 1/13/2011 edition of the Honolulu Star Adviser by Howard Daniel, I don’t recall seeing it on any of the primary news sites as things were flaring up in Detroit at that time but you really shouldn’t miss out. The original version is available at the Star Adviser website but the author was kind enough to send along a pre-edit version that is slightly longer…

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Reports Of Liquidation Emerge In Honolulu, the Honolulu ABC affiliate, reports that the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra (HSO) may be planning to shift from reorganization to liquidation bankruptcy as early as next month. The HSO announced plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November, 2009 and a full year later it looks like they may dissolve the institution and liquidate all assets…

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A Taste of Honolulu’s Grand Plan

Let’s see if you can answer today’s orchestra management question: Q: What do you call an orchestral association that doesn’t employ orchestra musicians? A: A presenter… According to reports in an article by Marisa Yamane in the 10/10/2010 edition of Hawaii’s, the impending Chapter 11 re-organization plan from the current Honolulu Symphony leadership would turn the 110 year old orchestra association into a performing arts presenter. The punch line is …

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