A Shoutout To Everyone Working In The Dark


Now that we’re nearly two months past winter solstice and the effects of increased daylight hours have a positive impact on the work day, it is worth pointing out that not everyone shares in the benefits. Here in Chicago, one performing arts organization’s administrative office complex is colloquially known as “The Bunker” which as the name suggests, is entirely bereft of windows and natural sunlight. Granted, it isn’t unusual for an …

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It Has Come To Our Attention That The Musicians Are Armed

When you work in this field long enough, you come across opportunities to snag some rare items that document some of the more remarkable occurrences. For example, my wife has a copy of the Richmond (VA) Symphony memo sent to musicians reminding them that firearms are not permitted at services. She keeps a framed copy in the dining room for posterity and it never fails to serve as a great conversation …

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Minnesota Gets Grumpy Over Departure Figures


The 6/11/2013 edition of MinnPost.com published a letter by Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) Director of Human Resources, Esther Saarela, where the author takes issue with the notion of artistic brain drain within the organization. Officially, Saarela is responding to a letter from the previous day written by an audience association leader that cites data provided by the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra (MMO); consequently, Saarela’s letter is actually serving as a fascinating …

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I Bet My Great Is Better Than Your Great

Adaptistration People 105

The Cleveland Plain Dealer published an article on 6/17/2012 by Zachary Lewis that dives head first into one of the most subjective, and uncomfortable, topics for many contemporary big budget orchestras: what makes an orchestra “great,” or “world class” if you prefer PR friendly verbiage. Either way, it comes down to identifying, defining, and (the tricky part), agreeing on the myriad of benchmarks used to gauge metrics. Lewis’ article does an …

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Recent News On Diversity And The Arts

Kudos to Joe Patti over at Butts In The Seats for posting a terrific article on 2/27/2012 that examines some recent events in Oregon about changes in state arts funding that would connect funding to diversity levels among an organization’s board and staff (office and artists).

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