Poll Results: You Do Work From Home

It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised and the soft poll from earlier this week asking office employee readers if their organization allows flextime produced some interesting results. Historically, I’ve always encountered a good deal of resistance from executives about the idea of allowing flextime but if the results are any indication, it seems that attitudes are softening…

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Poll: Where Do You Work From?

I had a fascinating conversation with a colleague the other week who remarked at how much more work she’s able to do in a week since she left her full time marketing job for a career as a freelance marketing consultant. Having always been self employed, it was more of a preaching to the choir conversation but it got me thinking again about the discussions I’ve had over the years with executives, managers, and staffers about flextime…

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Free Jobs For Everyone!

I was having a drink with some colleagues not long ago when our group was approached by a fresh out of college arts admin major looking for gainful employment within the orchestra administration field. He started complaining about how difficult it was to look for a job online. “It sucks!,” he said. “All of the sites want to charge job seekers or job posters – or both – for the privilege of looking for work”…

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Workplace Satisfaction Poll Results

Last Friday’s casual poll asking readers to rate the level of importance of employee satisfaction within orchestral organizations has determined that things aren’t as happy as they could be. At the time this post was written, there were just over 400 responses and 2/3 of respondents indicated they don’t have a positive outlook on how well their organization measures employee satisfaction while more than 90% think the issue either very or …

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Friday Poll: Workplace Satisfaction

Adaptistration People 006

Last Wednesday’s article about workplace satisfaction generated an enormous amount of direct reader email. Clearly, this is an issue which those in the field feel strongly about but for whatever reason, there’s an equally strong trend to share those thoughts privately. But that doesn’t mean we can’t conduct some casual polls to get a better idea of what people think… As such, take a moment out of your day to answer …

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