Everything You Wanted To Know About Seattle (But Were Afraid To Ask) Part 1

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This piece was originally intended for publication during the middle of 2005 but a variety of factors prevented its completion. Nevertheless, in light of recent events surrounding the contention resulting from Gerard Schwarz’s contract extension as the Seattle Symphony Orchestra’s music director, there’s no time like the present. From an organizational perspective the administration and board of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra (SSO) function much the same way as their peers. They …

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Reader Response: Musician Tenure

Following the article from 6/13/05 about musician tenure and artistic review issues, I received a flurry of email on the subject.  Most of it was from musicians, ranging from those just entering the business to seasoned veterans.

After going through all of the messages there was a central theme beginning to emerge which nearly every responder touched on; preventing the need for artistic review related arbitration in the first place.

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Looking Back At The Money Drug

Back in March I published an article entitled The Money Drug which examines a very real problem in the industry that deals with musicians and managers.  The article examines how musicians in the mid and top level orchestras compensate unhappy working conditions and artistic dissatisfaction with an ever increasing need for added compensation.

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