Some Good News About Outreach And Diversity Out Of Baltimore

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The 6/28/2016 edition of the Baltimore Sun published an article by Mary Carole McCauley that reports on a $1.2 million gift from Mark and Patricia Joseph which will be used to increase accessibility to existing Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) education efforts for students from low income schools. The gift is very straightforward in that the funds will be used to offset the $10 per student ticket price and related transportation costs. According …

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The Oft Overlooked Value Of Grass Roots Outreach

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More often than not, whenever we talk about outreach and making connections with our community, those conversations unfold in a very top-down prescribed manner, not unlike a list of boxes to tick off on a grant application. Although there are plenty of good conversations to have within those parameters, they tend shortchange meaningful grassroots efforts and we end up missing out on making sincere long-term connections. Case in point, Holly Mulcahy …

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When You Put It Like That…

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It never ceases to amaze just how much one can miss at any given concert event; especially when it comes to the perspective of concert-goers that haven’t grown up with musical training or steeped in the nuances of classical music culture. To that end, Chattanooga Symphony concertmaster and Neo Classical author, Holly Mulcahy, decided to walk a few miles in their shoes in order to answer questions and stay grounded (the …

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Everything Old Is New Again

With all the attention these days on orchestras needing to get out of their primary venue and into unconventional spaces it is easy to forget that this is not exactly a unique idea. In fact, it’s been around for a lot longer than most folks realize and a recent trip to a favorite historic stock photo site drove that point home in a way that only photographs can do. Case in …

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Community Learning

I’m off to Chattanooga, TN today for client work and to take in everything the newly dubbed Gig City has to offer. The trip brought to light an interesting confluence of thoughts from two Inside The Arts authors on the concept of genuinely learning from the community. First up is Joe Patti’s 3/17/2014 post and although we examined the very same article yesterday, I intentionally left out Patti’s segment on community …

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