Take Your Pick: Ma, Maazel, Or Ross

After watching Yo-Yo Ma’s appearance earlier this week on the Colbert Report it dawned on me that throughout 2008, that program featured three prominent classical music figures: Yo-Yo Ma, Lorin Maazel, and (classical music’s newest G-Man) Alex Ross. Each appearance left me with a distinctly different impression and I’m curious to know if readers think any of the personalities projects a better image for classical music in the United States. Fortunately, the Colbert Nation website makes judging easy by providing clips for each appearance. So have some fun in your day and take a moment to watch each clip and vote for which personality you feel best represents classical music to the general public…

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Adaptistration Poll: Subscriptions

Following yesterday’s article about the Met’s recent subscription issue, a number of readers sent in private email messages expressing an opinion about the future of subscriptions and how they related to performing arts organizations (including several from ballet folks – thanks for reading!). As such, it would be intriguing to find out where readers fall on the issue of subscription packages so take a moment to make your voice known through the following poll…

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Poll: Music Festival Conventions

Before the NPAC stops rattling around in my head, I want to take a moment to mention the conference’s conspicuous absence of summer music festival managers and board members. It is no secret why they are represented in such low numbers as the timing for most annual conventions fall smack dab at the beginning of their crunch time and jetting away for several days is usually not a luxury they can …

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Adaptistration Poll: RSS Preferences

Last week, a reader contacted me asking about why Adaptistration doesn’t use full length posts in its RSS feed. A thoughtful exchange ensued and as it has been some time since I last surveyed readers on the topic, it seemed as though the best course of action would be to poll current readers on their RSS habits and whether or not they have any preferences with regard to feed length and format…

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