If You’re Happy And You Know It, Does Anyone Care?

I am currently involved in a project for a client where one component of my work necessitates measuring the current level of morale and overall job satisfaction among employees… The process has been entirely positive but after talking to some of the longer-term employees, it appears that the organization has never initiated a regularly occurring formal survey to measure current levels of moral and job satisfaction. This made me wonder how …

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The Money Drug

Adaptistration People 134

“orchestra musicians’ internal motivation is higher than any of the other groups studied, but their level of general job satisfaction is quite low below that of federal prison guards, in fact, and far below that of members of professional string quartets.” –  From a 1994 study by Jutta Allmendinger, Richard Hackman, and Erin V. Lehman. That’s a pretty heavy-duty finding.  Most non-players I talk to assume that orchestra musicians love their …

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