FREE Twitter Profile Survival Kit for Arts Organizations 2014

It’s time to update your Twitter skills and keep up with the learning curve. For those unaware, Twitter updated their user profile layouts to include a profile background image that looks a lot like Facebook profile headers. However, it functions differently than its Facebook peer in that it is responsive, meaning it will get resized and/or cropped based on a visitor’s browser width and screen resolution. This is important because you …

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Remember When Using Twitter Was Fun And Easy?

Recently, Twitter released the latest update to its API (application programming interface) and completely cleared out support for the previous version. An API is a programming language that allows two different applications to interface with each other, such as displaying a list of your Tweets at a website. Since then, what was once a simple process is now a royal pain in the neck. For example, in order to display a …

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Join Me Today On Twitter For Audience Relations

I’ll be taking part in a Twitter chat today about Orchestra Management and Audience Relations; especially during difficult periods such as contentious labor disputes. The Twitter chats are the brainchild of Shoshana Fanizza, from Audience Development Specialists, and feature a variety of specialists throughout the field to talk about specific topics related to…wait for it…audience development.

FREE Twitter Profile Survival Kit for Arts Organizations 2012

Tablet Layout With Header Image

It’s time to stay with the learning curve and consider updating your organization’s Twitter profile page to take advantage of some of the more recent GUI (Graphical User Interface) improvements. To that end, I want to offer up a host of revised Photoshop template freebies that will make it easier than ever to make your profile pages not only look great but make your social media efforts more effective. The Header …

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Twitter: The Concert Experience Force Multiplier


There’s a good article over at On An Overgrown Path that rails against arts organizations using Twitter in what might be best described as a myopic, self serving, unidirectional messaging system. The article served as a discussion point during last Sunday’s program and after watching it, I thought it ended up being one of the most useful segments for the field as a whole a couple of good reasons.


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