An Eight Year Legal Dispute Finally Resolves

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It isn’t often we get to revisit a topic more than eight years later but it looks like the long running legal dispute between composer Nathan Currier and the now defunct Brooklyn Philharmonic is finally resolved. When we last examined the dispute in 4/14/2009, we discovered a debacle of a new music commission project that ended up with the orchestra stopping the premier of Currier’s Gaian Variations without performing the entire work. …

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Things That Make you Go “Buh?” Brooklyn Phil

The 4/14/2009 edition of The Brooklyn Paper published an article by Mike McLaughlin that reports composer Nathan Currier is suing the Brooklyn Philharmonic for making him cut sections of his piece, Gaian Variations, during the 2004 world premiere. According to the article, then Brooklyn Phil Executive Director, Catherine Cahill, approached Currier during the concert-length performance’s second of two intermissions to talk about overtime issues related to the work’s length… The article …

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