Find Out Who’s Tuned In To Arts Organizations Today. Spoiler: Those With Email

The folks at Capacity Interactive (CI) recently published the latest installment of their Performing Arts Ticket Buyer Media Usage Study. The previous installment was released right before COVID-19 so as I’m sure you can imagine, a lot has changed. I’m still reviewing the content but a few items that jumped out at me from the Key Findings include: 96% of ticket buyers plan to come back to your venues after the …

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Don’t Miss Capacity Interactive’s 2017 Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study

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Just in case you missed it, the hard-core data nerds* at Capacity Interactive (CI) published their latest installment of the annual Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study. I’m just starting to pour through the material but according to CI, they made a few changes this year. The 2017 report “revamped our approach to focus on the most critical metrics and key performance indicators that shed light on the state of digital …

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Arts Groups Know Their Online User Experience Is Lacking, But Now What?

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Capacity Interactive (CI) recently published their 2016 Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study, an increasingly invaluable resource for a broad array of arts organizations. It provides a comprehensive survey of digital marketing and perhaps unsurprisingly, one of their key discoveries in a large portion of arts orgs know they are underinvesting in their online presence but aren’t seemingly doing much about it. Arts organizations are underinvesting in websites, particularly mobile experiences. 63% …

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Creative CTAs: Can’t Someone Else Do It?

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Ceci Dadisman wrote an article for ArtsHacker today that focuses on a fun little tool from Capacity Interactive: the call to action (CTA) generator for arts marketers. It uses the same sort of straightforward Mad Libs formula you’ll find for traditional headline generators and applying it directly to something like a performing arts org CTA is a great use. Your [noun] [verb] = Your Evening Awaits A [adjective] [time of day] …

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