Not Pulling Any Punches In Denver

Make no bones about it, the Denver Post’s Fine Arts Critic, Kyle MacMillan, has some strong opinions about the current state of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO), its value to the community, and what stakeholders need to start doing in order to make things better. In an article published on 10/1/2011, he lays out a straightforward account that doesn’t require any reading between the lines to understand.

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"Board Members Are Sick And Tired Of The Musicians' Complaining" In Colorado

If you’ve been following events at the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) this past week, you’ve probably scratched your head in confusion more than once. What started off as a comparatively typical request to reopen the master agreement following news of dire financial conditions has culminated in one of the most theatrical displays from a stakeholder group we’ve seen in some time.

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An Odd Turn Of Events In Colorado

It wasn’t all that long ago that mainstream media reports about the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) were nothing but positive. The 4/13/2011 edition of the Denver Business Journal reported that the group was on the fast track to stability and success but fast forward barely five months later and the 9/10/2011 edition of the Denver Post published an article by Kyle MacMillan that reports the orchestra is in dire straits and could go under.

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