Work Stoppage Avoided In Seattle

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The Seattle Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and Seattle Symphony and Opera Players’ Organization (SSOPO) released statements on 5/6/2013 to announce that the organization has reached a tentative labor agreement that will extend through 8/31/2015. The SSO has been close to a work stoppage on a few occasions throughout the 2012/13 season but the pair of recent announcements appears to put those concerns to rest. Specific details of the agreement are not yet …

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AFM Poll Update: The Grass Is Looking Greener

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When the original poll results were published on 6/4/2010 I mentioned that we would revisit the results if there are any significant changes or an unusually large spike in responses. As it turns out, both have come to pass. Since then, the poll produced just under 800 respondents and that surge shifted the response ratios quite a bit… Since then, a large percentage of those new respondents displayed sentiments toward orchestra …

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Should Orchestra Musicians Leave The AFM?

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Yesterday’s post on the recommendation by the American Federation of Musicians’ (AFM) International Executive Board (IEB) to give officers an unaudited $10,000 discretionary spending account has generated a considerable amount of feedback throughout social network sites and private email messages. One item that repeatedly pops up is whether or not orchestra musicians would be better served by staying within or leaving the AFM. Consequently, let’s find out what readers thin Sorry, …

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Tentative Seattle Agreement and Summit Live Blogging Day 2

The Seattle Symphony and their musicians have reached a tentative agreement. The new agreement, which has yet to be ratified by the musicians, will last 23 months over the course of three seasons and contains some very unique elements (although not entirely unprecedented for the Seattle Musicians). As I’m invovled with the American Orchestra Summit Day 2  (I’ll post Twitteresque updates again through the day if possible) and giving a lecture/Q&A …

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Seattle Musicians Look Forward By Looking Back

It seems fitting that on the last day of 2009 we take a look at something retrospective; but in this case, retrospection serves as a foundation for looking ahead. In an article dated 12/28/2009, the Seattle Symphony & Opera Players’ Organization (SSOPO) committee chair published a frank article on behalf of his colleagues that presents the musicians’ ideas for the future… The article’s author, Seattle Symphony Orchestra (SSO) violist Tim Hale, …

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