LO Upgrades From Craigslist To Facebook & Google

LO Facebook advertisement

There hasn’t been much news about the Louisville Orchestra (LO) work stoppage in the past several weeks following the board’s empty gesture for arbitration and the subsequent musician rejection, but it seems that the LO is forging ahead with a previous plan to hire replacement musicians. Following a rocky start with advertisements in a series of craigslist outlets and direct appeals, the latest incarnation comes in the form of Facebook and Google ads.

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Louisville Musicians Reject Arbitration Then Miss An Opportunity

Adaptistration People 136

On Thursday, 2/16/2012 the Louisville Orchestra (LO) Musicians formally rejected an offer from management to enter binding arbitration. This comes as no real surprise in that the offer had a number of provisos tailored to ensure that any decision would conform to financial and operational parameters contained in their previous proposals, all of which have been previously rejected by LO musicians. Moreover, the lack of any input on selecting the pool …

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Well This Is Interesting: KO Conductor Steps Down From Production

Although we haven’t been following the details at the Kentucky Opera (KO) as closely as the Louisville Orchestra (LO) labor dispute, the two groups are intertwined in that they share the same musician pool. And whereas the LO has not yet staged performances with replacement musicians since their work stoppage began several months ago, the KO did stage a production with piano accompaniment and the next scheduled performance includes plans for replacement musicians.

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