More Tremors From Louisville

Grinding The Gears

The 11/27/2010 edition of the Louisville Courier published an article by Elizabeth Kramer that sheds a little more light on the current financial situation within the Louisville Orchestra. According to the report, the orchestra has taken an advance from the local Fund for the Arts which allowed them to make last week’s payroll but there are no details past that regarding where the organization stands on cash flow…

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Jumping The Gun

Whenever an orchestra goes out on strike, it isn’t unusual for folks to get a little jumpy and the bigger the group that strikes, the jumpier folks get. Case in point, not long after the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) went on strike, I started receiving messages from readers asking when I was going to write something about the Fort Worth Symphony shortly after that organization’s negotiations made local headlines…

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More On Louisville’s Resource Center

Since January of this year, we’ve examined the Louisville Orchestra’s idea to increase local demand by way of building a resource center. The first instance came via my real-time blogging from the American Orchestra Summit and later, Louisville Orchestra’s CEO, Rob Birman, provided much more detail as part of his 2010 Take A Friend To The Orchestra video. Last week, Louisville WFPL news’ (89.3FM) Elizabeth Kramer put together a report about the project and where it is headed…

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Examining The Events In Louisville Part 4

Continuing from Part 4, this final article will focus on some of the specific issues surrounding the contentious collective bargaining agreement negotiations at the Louisville Orchestra and why solutions to their problems are closer than they may realize.

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