Virginia Symphony Furloughs Make San Fran Opera Cuts Look Marginally Attractive

Hopefully, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO) will have an opportunity to relive what would have been their 100th anniversary because as of now, they have cancelled all concert activity through February 2021. While the group managed to secure a Paycheck Protection Program loan, those funds ran out at the end of summer and as a result, furloughed musician employees through February 9, 2021. Assuming the group is back up and running …

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How Would You Describe Your Venue Relationship?

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When it comes to a primary venue, most orchestras operate in one of three environments, each with their own unique sets of pros and cons: Owner/Operator: Pros include complete control over scheduling and programming, in-house administrative offices, and maximizing earned income from rental fees, box-office services, concessions, etc. Cons include the large costs related with initial building costs along with legacy operational and maintenance costs for operating a brick and mortar …

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Encouraging Signs In Virginia

As the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO) awaits a December 17, 2008 decision by their local government over whether or not they will provide emergency financial support in the form of a loan, supporters of the program, such as City of Norfolk Mayor Paul D. Fraim, can draw support from a casual poll initiated by Hampton Roads. The poll asks readers “Should Norfolk provide funds to prevent the symphony from declaring bankruptcy?”…

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Some Clarification In Virginia

The 12/5/2008 edition of the Virginian-Pilot published an article by Teresa Annas which reports on the current cash-crunch at the Virginia Symphony Orchestra (VSO). Although the article does a fine job at reporting on some of the VSO’s current financial positions and some wonderful efforts by local politicians, there are a few inaccuracies about the orchestra business in general that require correction…

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