You Don’t Want To Be “That Guy”

One of the most useful methods an aspiring manager can use to become a good manager is to learn from the examples of others; and by examples, I mean blunders. Thankfully, the internet has made this a much simpler task by making many of the goodies once shared only during face-to-face exchanges available for all to enjoy on a year-round basis. Case in point, Jason Heath’s blog post from 2/24/09 that …

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There’s A New eBook In Town And It’s Free

Hot off the heels of the Reader Segmentation Study, it is time for the latest installment in the series of Adaptistration publications: The 2009 Readers Segmentation Study Report. The 28 page color report contains expanded material from the original series and if you have internet access while reading your copy you can take advantage of its special interactive features…

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Readership Survey Results Part 3

The first two articles in this series examined reader demographics as well as media and culture habits along with blogging and online habits. This final article will examine how readers have been interacting with Adaptistration along with reviewing topic suggestions and which culture blogs, besides Adaptistration, respondents visit most frequently…

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Readership Survey Results Part 2

Part 1 in this series examined the 2009 Readership Segmentation Survey demographics and this installment will continue by examining and comparing respondent’s media and culture habits along with blogging and online habits. Undoubtedly, these sections produced some of the most fascinating and constructive data from the entire survey and will serve as some of the most useful information for other cultural bloggers and arts managers…

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Readership Survey Results Part 1

Let me guess, you’re between 35-55 years old, male, Caucasian, do not have children, are well educated, are at the high end of the IRS 25% tax bracket, and reside in one of five states with the most electoral college delegates. At least that’s how the data from the 2009 Readership Segmentation Study describes the average Adaptistration reader…

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