So That’s Who You Are

The 2009 Reader Segmentation Survey received hundreds of responses and out of that mix, one lucky entry was selected at random to win the free three month subscription to the Naxos Music Library. Thank you to every reader who completed a survey; the response was incredible and although I wish everyone could receive a prize, congratulations go to Bill Busen of Illinois whose entry was selected as this year’s winner…

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Checking In On Charleston

The 2/18/2009 edition of the Charleston City Paper published an article by Greg Hambrick that does a good job outlining the current situation at the Charleston Symphony Orchestra. According to the article, the organization projects a major cash flow deficiency sometime in March and is pressing musicians to reduce the number of salaried members. We’ll be looking at this situation closer at the end of next week, in the meantime, Greg’s …

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Putting Out Some Fires

Yesterday’s article generated a good bit of direct email messages from managers across the country. Some enjoyed the article and found it enormously useful and others were very upset. In the case of the latter group, the issue mentioned most often could be summed up as displeasure over focusing on the negative without offering solutions otherwise. I can understand where that would bother some but at the same time, I did publish an article a few weeks ago entitled A Meaningful Approach To Concessions which functions as the antithesis to yesterday’s post…

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Scorched Earth Governance In 10 Easy Steps

Since Adaptistration’s inaugural post in 2003, the business has witnessed a number of destructive conflicts between stakeholders over which course of action the organization should engage to best navigate challenging environments. Consequently, it doesn’t take long to begin identifying patterns and although they are filled with the latest trendy bits of business idioms, the underlying patterns remain mostly unchanged. In a sense, it is the same old pig with a new shade of lipstick, all of which can be summed up in the following 10 steps…

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