More Tremors From Louisville

Grinding The Gears

The 11/27/2010 edition of the Louisville Courier published an article by Elizabeth Kramer that sheds a little more light on the current financial situation within the Louisville Orchestra. According to the report, the orchestra has taken an advance from the local Fund for the Arts which allowed them to make last week’s payroll but there are no details past that regarding where the organization stands on cash flow…

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A Closer Look At Fred Zenone

The 11/24/2010 edition of The Washington Post published an article by Matt Schudel that takes a closer look into the life and career of former National Symphony Orchestra cellist and orchestra labor impresario Fred Zenone. You might recall the memorial post here from 10/22/2010 and if you didn’t already know Fred but were interested in learning more about his career (you should), Schudel’s piece is a good place to begin and …

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Post T-Day Pointers

I hope everyone was able to relax and enjoy their Thanksgiving Day. Today I want to post a quick pointer over to a Twitter project from Marc van Bree (@mcmvanbree) and Lacey Huszcza (@LaceyH; LACO dir. ops & promotions)  called Ask A Conductor (#askaconductor). Van Bree posted details about the event his blog, but in short, it takes place on a single day (12/8/2010) and allows Twitter followers ask their questions …

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Regrettable Indifference In Detroit

The 11/20/2010 edition of The Guardian published an article by Ed Pilkington that examines the ongoing labor dispute at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO). For the most part, Pilkington’s articles covers the typical back story points but one item in particular is very new and has the potential for lurching the conflict to a new level of antagonism…

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