TAFTO 2011 Contribution: Gerard Schwarz

You never know what a TAFTO effort might produce. In some cases, it can spawn the birth of a new concertgoer and in others, it might plant the seeds of ongoing large gift support. In today’s contribution, Seattle Symphony music director, Gerard Schwarz, offers up a personal experience that demonstrates the latter. If you’ve ever wondered just how much positive influence a music director can have on his/her orchestra, read on… ~ Drew McManus.

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TAFTO 2011 Contribution: Mark Clague

Today’s contribution is fitting in light of the success following of the motion picture The Social Network as University of Michigan professor, Mark Clague, takes the “friend” from Take A Friend To The Orchestra to new places. Mark explores this territory with real and virtual friends alike and I’d be surprised if, by the end, you aren’t thinking at social networking and orchestras from some new perspectives. ~ Drew McManus

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TAFTO 2011 Contribution: Sean Hickey

Sean Hickey is no stranger to Adaptistration’s regular readers. He’s been a guest author on a few occasions and always manages to make you think about something from a different point of view. His TAFTO contribution is no different plus it introduces a term I’m trying to work into my vocabulary as much as possible: “museumification.” ~ Drew McManus

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TAFTO 2011 Contribution: Evan Schumacher

This year’s program includes a number of contributions from those within the tech sector of the arts field. Our initial offering is from Even Schumacher, co-founder and programming guru of InstantEncore.com; a group most folks are certainly aware of. Due to his background, I felt Evan’s approach would be similar to the sort of patron perspective we enjoy each year and I’m sure you’ll agree that his efforts are right on the money. ~ Drew McManus

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TAFTO 2011 Contribution: Timothy Hankewich

I’ve only met one music director who smiles and laughs as much as Orchestra Iowa music director, Tim Hankewich. In fact, you can actually hear Tim’s smile in his voice and luckily for you, Tim’s contribution follows a growing trend among TAFTO contributors and comes to us in audio format so you’re going to get to experience it firsthand. ~ Drew McManus

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