Who Knew Conductors Could Be So Deep?

I kid, I kid. But in all seriousness, Sticks and Drones co-authors and music directors, Bill Eddins and Ron Spigelman, each posted articles this week that will get you thinking. One examines the enemy within and the other looks in the same direction for support…

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Some Thoughts On The New Mexico Symphony Orchestra

Since it was announced that the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra (NMSO) board voted to file for Chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy earlier this month, it came as a surprise to some but not so much to others. But before we get too far along in this piece, let me start off by flipping the full disclosure switch…

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Adaptistration Jobs Is On The Way

Set aside Monday, May 2, 2011 on your calendar as that marks the official launch of Adaptistration Jobs, the jobs board for admin positions in orchestra, opera, and chamber organizations of all budget sizes. It is a completely free service; meaning, it’s free to post jobs, free to search, and free to apply. No limits and no tricks, just an incredibly powerful, straightforward jobs board that is super easy to use…

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Get Your TEDx Michigan Ave Tickets Today

On Saturday, May 7th, 2011 Chicago plays host to TEDx Michigan Ave, an independently organized TED event that will focus on how to strengthen and evolve the arts industry. The event features four groups of speakers and will run from 9:00am through 5:00pm. I’m honored to be one of the speakers alongside a terrific lineup of some real forward-thinkers in the field…

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TAFTO 2011 Contribution: Proper Discord

Wrapping up the 2011 program is a contribution from none other than the nameless and faceless entity that captains the culture blog vessel known as Proper Discord (twitter). Known for a singular wit and an obsessive compulsion to point out that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes and in fact, should really get that thing on his back looked at, he delivers a satisfying conclusion to this year’s efforts. ~ Drew McManus

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