Mid Week Link Love

Yesterday’s 2300 word post needs a little counterbalance so today is going to be a diminutive yang to that XXL yin. First up is a nod to the 5/21/2011 Syracuse Post-Standard which reports that a new orchestra to replace the defunct Syracuse Symphony Orchestra is underway. Over at non divisi, Frank Almond would be happy to give his tuxedo a Viking funeral…

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Philadelphia; In Their Own Words

On 5/20/2011 Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) CEO and President Allison Vulgamore and Orchestra Musicians Committee chair and cellist John Koen joined WHYY host Marty Moss-Coane on Radio Times to discuss the future of the Philadelphia Orchestra. At nearly one hour (w/commercials) it’s a long program but the entire episode is available at the show’s archives

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Accountability: A Referendum On You

Last week was a abuzz with Philadelphia Orchestra Association (POA) bankruptcy news at the Philadelphia Inquirer. It published op-ed articles on 5/18/2011 about the POA’s bankruptcy decision from board chair Richard B. Worley and musician spokesperson and cellist John Koen. On 5/19/2011 classical music critic Peter Dobrin posted a commentary piece that cast reservations on the POA’s recent “Listen With Your Heart” campaign but perhaps the largest cause for concern came on 5/22/2011…

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A Reply To Tony Woodcock

Per his blog post from 5/18/2011, it appears that New England Conservatory president Tony Woodcock has declined my invitation to employ a community engagement exercise in the form of a live public discussion to examine a number of the issues he has been writing about over recent weeks. He feels “this is a topic for more than two voices” and I couldn’t agree more, which is precisely why I proposed that our event be open to the public…

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Into The Belly Of The Beast

The 5/16/2011 edition of the New York Times (NYT) published a superb article by Dan Wakin (with assistance from Michael Schwirtz and Kathryn Shattuck) which serves as a representative example of quality investigative reporting in the arts. The article dives into the seamy underbelly of foreign orchestra tours within the US…

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