Editorial Cartoon Day: Philadelphia

It seems that Peter Dobrin’s article in the 5/29/2011 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer about the Philly Orchestra’s just released strategic plan has garnered a great deal of attention (we’ll be looking at all of that later in the week) including none other than Dixon, the ever-sharp creative force behind the hit orchestra biz comic strip, Who’s Minding The Score?

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Happy Memorial Day

Whether you’re home all day enjoying the holiday with family and friends or your orchestra is putting on a performance today, try to take a few moments to remember the reason for the holiday. Furthermore, take a moment to remember that the single largest employer of full-time professional musicians is the United States Armed Forces…

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All About Emmanuelle

There was definitely no shortage of attention focused on Emmanuelle Boisvert’s decision to leave her position as concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra for an associate concertmaster position at the Dallas Symphony. According to a Google News search, the related Associated Press article was picked up by more than 100 outlets in addition to more in-depth articles in traditional media and the culture blogging community…

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Reading Between The Lines In Detroit

Following the news that Detroit Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Emmanuelle Boisvert decided to leave her position for an associate concertmaster position at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Detroit Symphony issues a brief statement from board chair, Stanley Frankel. Frankel’s statement could perhaps best be described as profoundly indifferent…

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Detroit Concertmaster Leaves For Dallas

Breaking News: Long time Detroit Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Emmanuelle Boisver announced today that she will be leaving her position for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra where she will serve as associate concertmaster. Her reasons are clearly stated in her full press statement (available below) and her decisions could be construed as a very public vote of no confidence in the Detroit Symphony’s executive committee leadership …

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