Build An Elevator Speech You Can Be Proud Of

HBS elevator pitch builder

“So what exactly does an arts consultant do?” If I had a nickel for every time I heard that I probably wouldn’t have to be a consultant. That’s not a compliant mind you, but it is a reality for just about everyone in this field, administrator and artist alike. Consequently, it pays to have an elevator speech handy and the fine folks at The Harvard Business School have you covered…

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Now Is The Spring Of Our Discontent

It seems that a number of folks throughout the culture blogging community are taking issue with what could perhaps best be described as the Chicken Little Think Tank, or the group of voices within the field that seem determined to convince all of us that resistance is futile. Apparently, these efforts have pushed some over the edge of discontent to the point where they are not just resisting, but pulling some …

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A Letter To Tony Woodcock

Dear Tony,

I watched your appearance as a panelist on the WQXR American Orchestras: Endangered Species? program on 5/4/2011 and became concerned with what came across as a very aggressive and unproductive posture toward orchestra musicians and the basic system of collective representation not to mention the greater field as a whole…

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