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It’s never been easier to create some really high quality, stunning video commercials thanks to recent advances in digital video editing and visual effects rendering. So even if you don’t have a budget for broadcast commercials (who does?), you can start to take advantage of creating video commercials geared toward online distribution.

There are a number of commercial sites that sell terrific templates you can use to create your own commercials or you can go the route of hiring an expert in using one of the many digital video tools to take a template and turn it into a commercial for you. Here are a few of the most likely suspects to get you started:

Most of these sites have varying license options to cover everything from single, online use to broadcast. Be sure to read licensing language carefully and realize that any content you add needs to be properly licensed as well. Keep in mind that if you plan on editing and rendering commercials directly, you’ll need the necessary software products; all of the above resources are geared toward Adobe After Effects.

As an example of what you can do with some of the offerings from these resources, I recently wrapped up the first of a new series of videos for The Venture Platform. This video commercial serves as a preview of upcoming features in this week’s release of Venture 1.5. It should serve as a good example of what you can accomplish on a trim budget without settling for something that looks like a late night Cable TV commercial from the early 1990s selling diet pills.

Anyone else have some useful examples of a video project you recently created or additional resources?

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