You’re Still Using 12px Font Size!?!

Back on 2/24/2012 we examined emerging standards for web font sizes and it was a surprise to some folks that using 16px (or approx. 1em) for standard body font was recommended. Nonetheless, it is still surprising to encounter so many performing arts org websites that rely on 12px standards. All of the following screencaps were taken on 5/23/2013 and are from the first four orchestra websites that came to mind. Each …

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The Curious Case Of Currier’s Claim

Adaptistration Lady Justice

There’s a terrific article by Brian Wise in the 5/20/2013 edition of that reports on the latest wrinkle in an ongoing lawsuit between composer Nathan Currier and the Brooklyn Philharmonic. In 2004, Currier apparently paid the Brooklyn Phil $72,000 to premiere one of his compositions (that’s just under $89k after inflation). During the 4/21/04 performance at Avery Fisher Hall, Currier alleges that orchestra officials forced him to edit his piece …

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Mahler Meets Moneyball? Probably Not.

Adaptistration Guy Baseball

There’s an interesting article by Tom Jacobs in the 5/21/2013 edition of which reports on a recent study designed to determine which works have more gravitas when it comes to selling tickets. Overall, it’s a good read but along with the good is some not-so-good that should be more than enough to take everything with a grain of salt. I haven’t read the report but having crossed paths with similar …

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An Interesting Turn Of Events In Palm Beach

Adaptistration Guy Out The Door

It only took one calendar year, but the Palm Beach Symphony (PBS) may be emerging from a season of “living in interesting times” following the public announcement that executive director Michael Finn is leaving his position. The PBS started making headlines in May, 2012 by making waves over an executive decision to bring in current students and recent graduates from The Juilliard School for concert event and in-school services. The result …

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What To Make Of The Minnesota Poll Results

The response to last week’s Minnesota Orchestra poll was terrific and it is currently one of Adaptistration’s most popular. Designed to measure respondent’s thoughts on the Minnesota Orchestra Association’s (MOA) near future expectations, stakeholder actions, and music director involvement, the results produced some intriguing data. Near Future Expectations Perhaps unsurprisingly, few respondents expected the work stoppage to resolve before the end of summer. So if you’re considering purchasing tickets for any …

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