Sometimes I Scare Myself

Adaptistration People 146

I’m honored and humbled to be at the center of Joe Patti’s 58/2013 Butts In The Seats article titled “It Only Appears A Mockery of Reality” where he harkens back to a series of Adaptistration posts from 2004 and 2006. Patti drills down on a series of Mock Negotiation exercises I conducted for the MBA students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bolz Center for Arts Administration and Eastman School of Music’s …

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Four Minutes To Midnight On The Minnesota Orchestra Doomsday Clock

Minnesota Doomsday Clock 4min

Losing two minutes in the span of one week isn’t an achievement to be proud of but the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) moves another minute closer to doomsday following the official decision to terminate what was left of the 2012/13 subscription season. Incidentally, doomsday is marked by organizational collapse and subsequent liquidation bankruptcy. In a press statement published the morning of 5/8/2013, the MOA cancelled five concert events in May, two …

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Where Do You Get Those Images?


One of the most common reader questions has absolutely nothing to do with the orchestra business; instead, readers want to know where all of the 3D character images come from and how many exist.They’re so popular that readers even write in from time to time requesting a specific image be used or asking why an image hasn’t made an appearance in awhile. They were all created by a very talented Greek …

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Beyond Trench Warfare in Minnesota

In the wake of Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) music director Osmo Vänskä’s intent to resign if the organization doesn’t end the season killing work stoppage, all stakeholders have dug in deeper, refusing to give an inch of ground. Furious digging activity occurred almost immediately after Vänskä’s letter went public. According to an article in the 5/3/2013 edition of the Star Tribune in an article by Graydon Royce, MOA board chair Jon …

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2012 Orchestra Website (mini) Reviews

2012 Website Reviews

Yes, it’s 2013 but the annual orchestra website reviews typically occur in the fall but we missed the usual 2012 publication target thanks to Orchestra Crisis 2012/13 (details here). Nonetheless, readers were clear that some sort of review should take place in April or May and to that end, you can look forward to a special micro-review this month. Specifically, we’re going to see which orchestras have adopted responsive design standards, …

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