Potentially Troublesome USPS Forwarding Policies

During my recent move, I noticed something different about the USPS mail forwarding policy compared to the my previous move eight years prior in that bulk mail (periodicals, newsletters, magazines, advertisements, circulars, etc.) is no longer automatically forwarded along with other types of mail classes. That option must be manually selected in one of the USPS’ subsequent confirmation messages and is listed separately from magazine and periodical deliveries.

ADAPTISTRATION-GUY-095Moreover, even if the following occupant is good enough to return the mail to the USPS with a “no longer at this address” type of notice, the USPS no longer notifies the sender. In fact, they continue to redeliver it to the original address.

For nonprofits that use bulk mailing permits, this could mean that your mailings may no longer reach the intended target and you’ll be none the wiser. I plan to see what sort of light the USPS can shed on this point but in the meantime, I’m curious to know if anyone out there has encountered this and if so, what does your organization do about it. Take a moment to send in a comment or reach out via email.

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