The Potential Impact Of Wearable Tech On The Orchestra Workplace

There’s a fascinating article by Chris Bruce in the 12/14/2014 edition of that examines the potential impact of wearable technology (i.e. wearables) in the workplace. The article focuses on how wearables can begin to impact various elements of the workday such as troubling issues surrounding privacy concerns and employee tracking to more positive aspects such as improved access to data and smoother communication. Regardless of individual views, it seems all …

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#TwitterSugar. So Sweet.

What a terrific inaugural week at! Response so far has been terrific, especially throughout the Twitterverse where readers have been flattering with their #TwitterSugar… Calling all arts managers out there… immediately follow @ArtsHacker these guys are the real deal!! #artsadmin #artsjobs #GSD — Patrick Varon (@patrickvaron) December 11, 2014 Arts admin/marketing peeps: check out the cool new resource @ArtsHacker #FF — Tara Lapointe (@VirtualTara) December 11, 2014 This @ArtsHacker …

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Peninsula Symphony Embezzlement Case Just Became Creepy

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In March, 2014 Peninsula Symphony Orchestra’s former executive director, Stephen Jay Carlton, was arrested on charges of grand theft, embezzlement, forgery, ID theft and tax fraud, plus enhancements for excessive taking. A recent article by Tracey Kaplan in the 12/5/2014 edition of the Mercury News reports Carlton was recently convicted on all charges and prosecutors are asking for a 16 year sentence, which might seem extreme for embezzling $272,000; that is, …

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Time To Spruce Things Up A Bit

It may only be Wednesday but it has been a busy week for new and updated web work. Regular readers already know that ArtsHacker launched on Monday (and has been doing gangbuster traffic!) but there was a good bit of overtime for big updates at both and features a new grid style layout for the homepage, a new header graphic, a new logo, and an ultra zen nav …

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Some Good News For Indianapolis

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According to an article in the 12/6/2014 edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal by Lou Harry, it looks like things are looking better for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) since their bout of labor problems and prolonged executive dysfunction. The article reports that the orchestra’s recent marketing investment in their holiday pops program, “Yuletide Celebration,” has been paying off. For 2014, ISO added VIP seats—which include valet parking and meet-and-greets with …

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